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ICentreI6, HarvardI0

At Harvard (Unofficial Program)

The Upset Of The Century

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It's tough to find old Centre College programs, but if you want to find just one, this is it. This game was voted Upset of the Half Century by the sportswriters in 1950, is currently ranked #2 on ESPN's all-time list, and it was Harvard's first intersectional loss in four decades, at a time when the Crimson was riding a three year unbeaten streak that included a Rose Bowl win over Oregon among its glories. After the game the the Praying Colonels' gleeful supporters surrounded the (admittedly bootleg) Harvard program printer, and made him write out "THE NAME OF OUR ESTEEMED OPPONENT IS CENTRE COLLEGE---NOT 'CENTER' COLLEGE" a hundred times on a blackboard, a la Bart Simpson. That'll learn em.

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