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Legendary author John Steinbeck said he wrote with three purposes in mind; for his readership, fellow writers, and finally, for teachers of the written word.

This website was composed under a similar philosophy. While HistoricFootballPosters.com is based on athletic events, its content is also for the non-sports fan. Whether you're an alum of one of America's great universities, fan of classical illustration or an academic historian, we can promise something of interest.

The primary goal of HistoricFootballPosters is to present a unique visual archive of the best art ever produced for college football game programs. Each cover has been thoughtfully chosen and has been painstakingly restored to its original game day look and color. Today, after better than six years of research and studio work, with great pride we make these rarely-before-seen images available as fine art posters.

As you peruse these pages, please note that covers which are currently available for purchase are stipulated with an "Order Poster" button on the game description page. We encourage you to 'Bookmark' HistoricFootballPosters.com and check back frequently for updates. The Order Poster button will appear as each new image is approved.

This collection consists of programs dating from 1898 up to the present day. It should be noted that after 1930, most schools relied heavily on syndicated artwork. Unfortunately, this type of art erased any personal affiliation to the schools or game being played. Such art from the syndicate pool would appear on as many as several hundred different game programs over a single football season. You'll find only a relative handful of such covers on display here.

Contrary to such generic art, the covers you see here are the results of specially commissioned artwork. These illustrations were typically produced by students or alumni of the home team; the compositions depicting specific aspects to the competing schools, such as mascots and school colors. The individual art styles vary from crude caricature to near photo-realism, but in nearly all cases they evoke the eras from which they came.

There are well over 100 colleges represented ... ranging from Ohio State and Michigan, to Milliken and the Billikens. We're sure you'll have as much fun looking through these timeless pictures as we've had in making them available to you.

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